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  • Northway Square, Rickmansworth

    Created by Peter Loader // 1 thread

    Create an unsegregated cyclist/walker area in the paved area that was produced when the northern arm of Northway, Rickmansworth became traffic-free. Call it Northway Square. This would become the centre of Rickmansworth's cycling/walking network, with Bikeability level 2  routes leading:

    * To National Cycle Network Route 61 (The Colne Valley Trail at the Aquadrome), to Mill End, and to Maple Cross.

    * To Rickmansworth Station, to Chorleywood, and to The Cedars Estate,

    * To Croxley Green, via Three Rivers District Council's car park.

    Upgrade the existing public footpath to a bridleway so the route remains on the definitive map.

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